Personal shopper Service

  (Dubai - French Riviera - Paris) 

Shopping Day with Malvina
Spend the day shopping with me. After a brief consultation I will take you around town to the best selection of stores for you budget, lifestyle and fashion goals.
*If wanted a pre-selection option = pre-selected items will be waiting for you upon your arrival at our first shopping destination. While we are out shopping I will be guiding you on how to shop and what to look for. Services include body type assessment, color analysis and how to get the best use out of your new wardrobe.
price on request

Image Consulting/relooking
After a brief consultation I will educate you on your best colors, clothing for your body type, and how to maximize your budget. Package includes:
· Color analysis – analysis of your best color season
· Hair/accessory review – recommendation of best haircut/color, eyeglass/sunglass frames and jewelry for your coloring and facial features.
· Makeup tips
· Body type assessment – recommendation of clothing styles and silhouettes that are best suited for your body shape.
· Where to shop – best places and brands for your style, body shape and budget.
With an eyes on trends. price on request

Closet Reorganization
Edit and organization of your wardrobe (including clothes, shoes and accessories), Process will include:
· Color analysis – analysis of your best color season
- Body type assessment
· Determine what items should be kept and what should be disgarded.
· Compose outfits that can be put together out of your existing wardrobe.
· Assess what pieces are missing from your wardrobe and create a list of items that need to be purchased.
- Take measurements of items that require tailoring.
price on request

Bride or Groom
Being a bride or groom is always one of the most stressful times of a person's life. I will go with you to shop for the perfect dress/suit and accessories for your magical day. This is all after short consultation of style, budget, and body type assessment. Hair and make-up consultation is included. price on request

Special Occasion or Event
I offer the option of shopping with me or having selections brought to your home for your special event. Clothing, accessories and guidance on hair and makeup are included. price on request

Vacation Shopping/Resort Wear
After a short consultation to discuss personal style, budget, color categories, body type and what’s already in your closet I will put together vacation wear ensembles for you for up to 7 days. price on request

Package (price on request)

Closet Reorganization + Personal Shopping  (2 seasons)
Includes Closet Reorganization and Personal Shopping services. Once I assess the gaps in your wardrobe I will create a list and do the shopping for you. Selections can either be brought to your home for your approval or you can come out to shop with me. I will exchange and return items as needed until the process is complete for two full seasons (spring/summer) or (fall/winter).  

Including all the Image Consulting and Personal Shopping services listed above. Plus the following:
· Digital Photo Album of outfits you can wear for every occasion.
· Unlimited post-service consultation – contact me whenever you are unsure about an outfit, how to style it, where to purchase or whatever fashion crisis comes about. I will make myself available to answer any questions you may have after services are complete.

**All packages can be customized based on client’s specific goals. (monthly package available)